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Areas & Prices
Zone 0 is a special zone exclusive to Bike Express. The price is especially low - just 26 Kn + PDV. Zone 0 starts from the Train Station to Mihanoviceva street, Jukiceva, Kaciceva, Britanski trg, Ilica, Gornji grad, Kaptol, Ribnjak, Vlaska, Kvaternikov trg, Subiceva, Branimirova and back to the Train Station.
Zone 0
Price: 26 kn
Time from pick-up: 20 min
Zone 1
Do okretišta tram. Črnomerec, Trešnjevka, križanja Selske i Horvačanske te ulice Av. Gojka Šuška i Mandlova
Price: 29 kn
Time from pick-up: 35 min
Zone 2
Dubrava, Novi Zagreb, Mlinovi, Rudeš, Vrbani, Pantovčak do br.150
Price: 32 kn
Time from pick-up: 40 min
Zone 3
Prečko, Špansko, Malešnica, Jankomir do ulice Jankomir, Buzin, Žitnjak do pruge, Mikulići, Šestine, Remete, G. Dubrava, Sesvete do ulice Lj. Posavskog
Price: 39 kn
Time from pick-up: 55 min
Zone 4
Jankomir od ulice Jankomir, Podsused, Blato, Botinec, Hračće, Markuševac, Miroševac, Sesvete od ulice Lj. Posavskog
Price: 46 kn
Time from pick-up: 60 min
Zone 5
Samobor, Vel. Gorica, Sesvete ind. Zona
Price: 67 kn
Time from pick-up: 70 min
Urgent services and extra kilograms
We try to deliver ahead of the promised time. The maximum weight is approximately 10 kg.
Waiting price
5 minutes free, thereafter 2kn per min.
'AllOver' Service
- 26kn each delivery for more than 10 deliveries mostly in zones 0 i 1, deliveries have to be ordered 48 hrs previously, with the addresses, and all 10 have to be the size that fits into one courier bag.
- 29kn each delivery for more than 10 deliveries mostly in zones 2, 3, i 4, deliveries have to be ordered 48 hrs previously, with the addresses, and all 10 have to be the size that fits into one courier's rucksack.
- in cases when the package size is larger than one courier bag: 50x40x15 and it requires a car, the additional 20kn charge applies, with the maximum weight allowed 10 kg.
Our service Rent'a'courier is made especially for accountants, or if you have many deliveries that require a lot of waiting time, like going to to tax offices, registering new employees or completing paperwork for ones that are leaving. Rent'a'courier works for you on the day you require from 08-16 hrs or 09-17 hrs. Service has to be announced 48 hrs in advance. Service is made for Zones 0,1,2 and sometimes 3.

Rent'a'courier 1 = up to 12 deliveries, includes unlimited waiting time = 360 kn
Rent'a'courier 2 = up to 16 deliveries, includes unlimited waiting time = 480 kn
Rent'a'courier 3 = up to 20 deliveries, includes unlimited waiting time = 590 kn (Extra deliveries are charged according to the normal price list)

Cash deliveries (price with PDV)
Zona 0 = 35 kn
Zona 1 = 39 kn
Zona 2 = 44 kn
Zona 3 = 50 kn
Zona 4 = 60 kn
Zona 5 = 90 kn

After working hours (M-F: 8-18)
After 17 hrs (fridays after 16h) + 50%
After 18 hrs (fridays after 16h) + 100%
Last delivery orders are taken at 6 p.m.

PDV is not included. You can pay with cash or by bank transfer (subject to agreement).
Bad Weather
Bike Express operates in all weather conditions. It does not matter if it is snowing heavily or raining - just call us and we'll have a courier with you in minutes. Remember, your items are safely protected against the elements inside our waterproof courier bags.
In very hard working conditions such as: extremely low temperatures below -10C, extreme snow storms and extremely high winds, the charge is 50% higher than the basic price.
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